Gadget Walls – Gadget Panels with Extra Theming

Gadget Wall Guildford Leagues
Moonee ponds Playland

Gadget Walls add extra impact around our wall mounted Gadget Panels with a range of themes that engage the children’s visual senses by enhancing the overall visual impact of a play space. Our library design themes illustrated in the brochure offer affordable theme solutions without paying for artwork production costs. The theming is printed onto solid 3 mm PVC plastic panels that join together on site, with a strong adhesive backing that is ready for mounting to the wall. The result is a quick to install theme around Gadget Panels that clients can install themselves, at a fraction of the cost of painted theming.

To download the Gadget Wall brochure, please provide your details below or contact us to discuss how Gadget Walls brighten spare wall space.

Gadget Corners – Extra Robust Free Standing Solutions

Gadget Corner Berowra
Gadget Corners Centro Bankstown
Gadget Corner Women's Refuge

If your space has no usable walls or if what you want is a small ‘kiosk style’ playground, then Gadget Corners incorporating our Gadget Panels offer a durable solution. Gadget Corners are free standing and independent of building walls and require no bolting to the floor. Gadget Corners can incorporate several Gadget Panels into a compact play area. Designed with unsupervised environments in mind, Gadget Corners are very strong because Playtec fabricate them using a powder coated steel frame. They will not tip over and will withstand the inevitable, occasional abuse by children.

There are different design configurations illustrated in our Gadget Corner Free-standing Solutions Brochure to choose from or design your own shape by joining Gadget Wings into different shapes. There is no special installation required, meaning they can be relocated or just updated in a few years’ time ensuring a long asset life!

To download the Gadget Corner brochure, please provide your details below or contact us to discuss how Gadget Corners can entertain kids in smaller areas. Playtec values your privacy and encourages you to review our privacy policy before providing any details below.

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