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Playtec have over twenty years’ experience designing and manufacturing truly soft indoor playgrounds that encourage imagination and exploration through self directed play.

Children play in different ways and our thoughtful designs ensure that children of all ages and levels of development are catered for.

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We know from experience that one type of soft play structure cannot suit all children That is why we developed three soft play structure systems called Classic Play, Large Module Play and Compact Module Play, each with there own unique benefits.

Playtec’s different soft play structure systems cater for children differently depending on the targeted age group, style of business and the size of premises clients are planning to set up in.

Large Module Play

Large Module Play engages older children by incorporating large slides and more elevated structures that provide for great play capacity.

Classic Play

Using the "traditional" scaffolding method of construction, Classic Play has enormous flexibility to fit any space and can go 9 metres high!

Compact Module Play

Compact Module Play provides 1-5 year olds with an opportunity to climb, slide & squeeze in a self-directed play environment.

Gadget Panels

Gadget Panels are a great way to take advantage of smaller spaces and provide fine motor skill entertainment for the younger children.

Baby Play

Specific for non-walking children these play areas have ground level play activities and walls for parents to sit on.

Kinder Kingdom

Primarily for infants and toddlers there is a very large range of options which can be themed for pirates, jungle or country.

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What Our Clients Say

We believe in providing safe and happy experiences for children, their parents/carers, and businesses that serve families with children.

“I would recommend Playtec to any business that has the need for solid reliable play equipment as they have the knowledge and real world experience.”

West Pennant Hills Sports Club
Jason Read, Chief Executive Officer

“The play area is great, well received and well utilised from the minute we opened it. Thank you for delivering such a great product.”

Westfield Tea Tree Plaza
Charles Papp, Customer Operations Manager

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