Occasionally Playtec clients contact us seeking our assistance to sell play equipment. While we do not see ourselves as a brokers, we are very aware of the need to  support our existing clients by introducing people that may be interested in buying. By doing so, the purchaser can take assurance that they have a reliable partner in Playtec being the original manufacturer.

Is second hand equipment worth the trouble?

Using second hand equipment can be a very successful strategy, providing the equipment was structurally well made by a reputable manufacturer that still exists in Australia to support you with certification, parts, maintenance and even refurbishment and change in the future. Our advice to all prospective clients, who would love to purchase brand new equipment but just cannot afford to do so, is “good quality, second hand Soft Play equipment is always better than poor quality brand new equipment”, particularly from regions with dubious track records.

Playtec Support Services

We can help prospective purchasers of Playtec branded equipment with all or some of the services listed below (noting that some may involve a fee)

  • Telephone support and advice

  • Inspection Services prior to purchase

  • Archive inspection provision of available floor plans

  • Dismantling and relocation of the equipment to the new buildings

  • Stocktake of equipment components

  • Reassembly of a play structure

  • Spare parts & refurbishment of worn events

  • Inspection & full written certification after installation

  • Provision of Maintenance Manuals and Operational information

Some Important Advice when looking at second hand play equipment

The following questions are important to consider when looking to purchase 2nd hand equipment.

  • Who is the manufacturer? Are they local? Can they be relied upon for support?

  • What is the replacement cost of the play structure?

  • Is it worth relocating, adding to or fixing?

  • Is it compliant to Australian Standards?

  • Is it compliant with Work Health Safety (WHS) Legislation & relevant Australian Building Codes (ABC)

  • Will the installers have the correct insurances?


Purchasing 2nd hand equipment need not be “risky” and can be good value if the buyer is fully informed. To find out out what 2nd hand equipment we know is currently on the market and to discuss what is involved in operating indoor play equipment, prospective buyers are welcome to contact us.

What Our Clients Say

We believe in providing safe and happy experiences for children, their parents/carers, and businesses that serve families with children.

“I would recommend Playtec to any business that has the need for solid reliable play equipment as they have the knowledge and real world experience.”

West Pennant Hills Sports Club
Jason Read, Chief Executive Officer

“The play area is great, well received and well utilised from the minute we opened it. Thank you for delivering such a great product.”

Westfield Tea Tree Plaza
Charles Papp, Customer Operations Manager

Our Partners