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Playtec's "Gadget Panels" are a range of interactive activity panels designed to entertain infants and toddlers. They can be installed onto existing walls, counters, retail fixtures or as part of a free standing 'Kids Corner' to create a self-contained play area.

Strikingly themed to capture the children's attention, Gadget Panels are designed to quietly occupy infants and toddlers anywhere parents with children are welcome.

Gadget Panels have no loose pieces and are ideal for public areas such as shopping centres, retailers, reception areas, waiting rooms, crèches, showrooms, restaurants or anywhere space to set up play equipment is at a premium.

Kids Club

Car Dealership

Play Centre


Parents Room

The entertaining diversion provided by Gadget Panels will create a child friendly area that will reduce the boredom of waiting children while your staff focus to the needs of their parents. The positive impression of your business with customers is sure to bring repeat business.

Wall Mounted & Floor Solutions

A child friendly area using Gadget Panels does not need to be large. Start with one or two wall mounted Gadget Panels and a little wall space - that's all it takes!
If you have some floor space you may want to consider some of our floor Gadgets, we have a Play Car and Up & Over Slide. Both of these gadgets are manufactured from tough fiberglass specially for public environments.
Below are a selection of Gadget Panels ready to mount. They come complete with wall mounting frame and mounting box where relevant.

Click on image to enlarge

Runaway Train

Walk Around Zoo
Description Height Width Depth
Run Away Train 885mm 685mm 35mm
Walk Around Zoo 885mm 685mm 35mm
Cat & Mouse 885mm 685mm 35mm
Mix & Match Fairyland/Forest 885mm 685mm 120mm
Mix & Match Beach/Australiana 885mm 685mm 120mm
Wavy Mirror 885mm 685mm 120mm
Tic-Tac-Toe 1045mm 950mm 210mm
Animal Recognition 1045mm 950mm 210mm
Abacus 885mm 685mm 210mm
Play Car Floor Gadget Fibreglass 580mm 1700 mm 1250mm
Wavy Step & Slide Floor Gadget Fibreglass 650mm 1600mm 655mm

Cat & Mouse

Mix & Match

Wavy Mirror



Wavy Step & Slide

Play Car

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